Lycium barbarum
Ribes 'Consort'
Rubus 'Anne'
Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade'
Lonicera 'Cinderella'
Ribes 'Hinnonmaki Red'
Rubus 'Navaho'
Rubus idaeus
Growing Conditions
Sun exposure: full sun

Water: average water with good drainage

Soil: prefers rich, fluffy soil with good
organic content, but will tolerate a wide
range of conditions and sites

Nutrient requirements: responds well to
fertilizer after blooming begins in spring
Care and Pruning
Netting is recommended to keep critters from eating your fruit.
Summer-bearing pruning: after picking fruit from a cane, prune that cane all the way to the ground.
Ever-bearing pruning: on first crop, prune each cane to the ground after you have harvested fruit. Do not prune after picking the fall crop.
Fruit Season
Summer-bearing: mid to late summer
Ever-bearing: summer and fall
Uses for Fruit
Raspberries are great eaten fresh, in jams and used in a variety of recipes such as pies, cakes, muffins and ice cream.